Mixed Reality Experience with Blockchain-Enhanced MR Glasses

Bonafi's state-of-the-art Mixed Reality (MR) Glasses integrate distributed ledger technology to provide unparalleled data network cybersecurity and supply chain authentication. Our innovative MR Glasses have earned a prestigious SBIR Phase I award, demonstrating our commitment to delivering secure, cutting-edge technology across various industries. Experience a groundbreaking MR solution that addresses performance issues and enhances cybersecurity, all while offering hands-free operation and AI-assisted voice and gesture commands.

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Benefits of Blockchain

Blockchain can revolutionize the way the US military manages its supply chains, offering unparalleled benefits.

Enhanced transparency and traceability

Improved efficiency and cost savings

Resilience against cyber threats

Streamlined comms and collaboration


Blockchain-Based Cybersecurity

Protect your data and network with Bonafi's distributed ledger technology, ensuring a secure and reliable MR experience.


AI-Assisted Voice & Gesture Commands

Empower your team with hands-free operation, enabling them to focus on their tasks while accessing vital information and communication through simple voice and gesture commands.


Real-Time Environmental Awareness

Stay informed with real-time data, including object temperatures and dimensions within view, ensuring safety and accuracy in a variety of work settings.


Tailored Solutions for Diverse Industries

Unlock the potential of Bonafi's MR Glasses in various sectors, from military and commercial aircraft maintenance to education, medical, construction, gaming, utilities, and manufacturing.

Take Your Operations to New Heights with Bonafi's Secure Mixed Reality Glasses

Unlock the true potential of your workforce by integrating Bonafi's innovative and secure Mixed Reality Glasses into your operations. Experience enhanced collaboration, increased efficiency, and unparalleled security through our blockchain technology. Don't let outdated methods hold you back – elevate your organization's performance today.