Revolutionizing Air Support Equipment with AFWERX

Los Angeles-based Bonafi, Inc., a team of passionate technology innovators, is thrilled to announce its participation in the AFWERX ACE Common Air Support Equipment Challenge Showcase SPIRAL2. This event, held at AFWERX Vegas Hub on June 21, 2023, aimed to discover novel solutions that can significantly improve the defense sector's air support equipment.

Introducing the game-changer, "Mixed Reality Glass for Rapid Diagnostics and Recovery". This groundbreaking solution addresses the critical need for swift and effective aircraft diagnosis and restoration at U.S. Air Force bases, including Forward Operating Bases and Contingency Locations (FOBs and CLs). By harnessing the power of mixed reality (MR) glass technology, it's like having an extra pair of digital hands. These glasses display essential data and manuals right in front of the user's eyes, offer remote support for staff, and allow expert guidance to be accessed, even without on-site specialists. Furthermore, the MR glass, with its built-in sensors and versatile design, simplifies equipment handling and is adaptable to various maintenance situations.

The team's solution received high praise from the panel of evaluators, which included AFWERX officials and US Air Force maintenance experts. Bonafi's solution didn't just impress—it delivered substantial value, potential, and received positive feedback, leading to the next stage, a contract vehicle. In their journey forward, Bonafi will join forces with P&C Solutions from the Republic of Korea to further enhance and market the MR Glass in the United States.

Bonafi, Inc. remains at the forefront of revolutionizing aviation support equipment. Its laudable performance in the AFWERX ACE Common Aviation Support Equipment Challenge SPIRAL2 further reinforces its position as an industry leader.

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About Bonafi, Inc.:

Bonafi, Inc. is a pioneering technology firm that develops innovative solutions for aviation support equipment. With a steadfast commitment to transforming maintenance practices, Bonafi leverages the latest technologies, like mixed reality glass, to empower maintenance teams and elevate operational efficiency. For additional information, visit https://www.bonafi.io/.