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The Blockchain Connect conference took place on June 26 and 27 at San Jose McEnery Convention Center. It was meant to be one of the biggest gatherings in 2018 bringing the thought leaders of the emerging technology in one place. The conference continued for two days with each day comprising of several speakers talking about the blockchain technology in general, and their projects in specific.

The Conference Was Quite a Success

The two days of the conference were busy. Founders and co-founders of various blockchain technologies took the stage and talked about what they thought of the future of blockchain. There are more than 50 speakers and over 2000 attendees to listen to them. It was also the time for new blockchain technologies to find the spotlight and get the attention of investors. More than 30 new blockchain startups talked about their technologies and explained what their technologies aimed to achieve. Over 80 blockchain startups also got the chance to be a part of the exhibit.

What Was in the Conference for Blockchain Stakeholders?

The concept of the conference was to connect blockchain developers and investors to support the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Cryptocurrency is on the rise and it is crucial for these tech-minds to be in one place to find ways to promote their technologies to the end consumers so they can give rise to a world in which blockchain is the core of all technologies. UNetwork, NKN, Quarkchain, BlockVC, Celer Network, ONTology, etc. were among the major sponsors of the event.

Bitcoin Magazine, Cointelegraph, Distributed, Crypto Influence, Cointime, etc. were among the noticeable media partners. This created a perfect opportunity for new blockchain technologies to get exposure in the media and get noticed by investors.


Those looking to invest in blockchain technology could not have found a better way to discover new startups. With more than 80 blockchain startups giving demos of their ideas, products and services, the investors had enough choices to decide the direction of their investments.

Blockchain Startups

This was a dual-marketing channel for blockchain companies. First, they were getting the exposure to 2,000 attendees that included potential investors of the blockchain technology. In addition to that, there was a lot of media coverage of the event allowing these startup owners to get into news. Being in the news is critical for any cryptocurrency’s marketing efforts.


Such events are good news for anyone around the world even if they aren’t thinking about investing in the technology. A lot of people want to know about blockchain, cryptocurrency and other related terms before they even consider investing in this market. However, due to several fraudulent initial coin offerings and regulatory issues, people have become skeptical about the overall image of the cryptocurrency market.

Such gatherings will send a positive image of the emerging and evolving cryptocurrency market. Not to mention, there are so many different technologies and solution that developers around the world are working on that it needs the thought leaders to explain them to the public for a better understanding.

The Bonafi Team Was at the Conference

One of the teams attending the event and listening to the cryptocurrency thought leaders was Bonafi. Bonafi team attended the conference to learn more about the potential of the blockchain technology.
There is no doubt that certain regulations and fluctuating prices of the biggest cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum can take a hit on people’s confidence in the “new internet”, but events like Blockchain Connect are there to prove that cryptocurrency and blockchain are not fads.

Bonafi Is among the Shapers of Blockchain Future

Any next iterations of Blockchain Connect or other similar events in future might see Bonafi team presenting a demo of their amazing like they have in several investor meetings in the past. Bonafi’s technology is a blockchain-based NFC enabled crypto-tag that has been designed to help brands beat the counterfeit market by reclaiming their lost revenue. The NFC enabled crypto-tags will help authenticate products, assist end consumers know the origination information, and keep any entity in the supply chain from receiving or disseminating counterfeit goods.

Bonafi has also started working on its browser extension to help customers avoid purchasing counterfeit products from online retailers. Keep in mind that even some of the biggest retailers like Amazon have faced a lot of criticism lately for not being able to put a hold on counterfeit product sellers on their websites. In fact, the counterfeiters have also started paying people to leave fake reviews on their products. These are the major issues that Bonafi aims to solve with its new browser extension.

Final Thoughts

Blockchain Connect and other similar events are going to be the highlight of 2018. The previous year belonged to initial coin offerings, but the strict regulations, shutting down of some cryptocurrency exchanges, and fluctuating crypto-coin prices had people worried. These gatherings and events are a proof that cryptocurrency community is active and alive, and that the future of this world belongs to blockchain.


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