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Bonafi is a blockchain-based solution, which helps aid brands and consumers in their fight against counterfeiters products. The components of its system: the application, the BONA tokens, blockchain, and the Crypto-Tag(TM)  all work together to help combat the multi-billion dollar counterfeiting industry.

The top nations of the world have been fighting the counterfeiting industry without success. The underground industry seems to multiply, faster than it can be policed.  According to ITA (International Trade Association) statistics from 2016, counterfeiters sold over $460 billion worth of fake goods. In addition to that, counterfeit drugs have been taking innocent lives and costing countries billions of dollars every year.

Bonafi will provide not only a solution but will also be a huge marketing tool for digital marketing.

Bonafi will assign a Crypto-TagTM which is a unique identification number for each of the product from the manufacturer. The tag’s ID is synced and on the blockchain. Once the manufacturer has inserted the tag into its product and programmed the tag, it can be made to deliver product information when the tag is scanned on the Bonafi application.

Once a user scans the product using the Bonafi app, the digital content can be configured to show on a mobile device.   Brands can use video content, to further promote their products, give educational videos or show a  welcoming video that highlights the significant benefits of the product to the user. If brands are creative, they can store active instructions which will further enhance the customer’s experience.  Images can be an excellent way to help promote products.

Using Promotional Codes

This method can be extremely effective for promoting upcoming products and services or to tell customers about the ongoing promotions on your website. It is up to the manufacturers how creatively they use the tool to their advantage for promotion of the product. For instance, an aftermarket parts maker can include coupons for discounted full car service, wheel alignment or car wash to improve its B2C relations and brand image in the eyes of the customer.

Where-to-buy Info

By including where-to-buy information, brands can help their customer’s order product from the website offering the best rates.  It can also alert the customers about any fake or unauthorized retailers.

Use Case of Bonafi App as a Marketing Tool

Here is a use case of how a brand can benefit from Bonafi for promoting.

  • John buys a pair of shoes online
  • The order reaches his home, he uses the Bonafi app and finds out that the product is authentic
  • In addition to this, the Bonafi App indicates a promo code to receive a free shoe horn online
  • The App also shows a list of authorized stores from where he can buy the discounted shoe shiner
  • Lastly, the App will display a link to a short video message from his favorite basketball player encouraging him for a healthy lifestyle

Offering a simple way for brands to connect with its customers on so many levels. In fact, by including the discount codes for shoe shiners, the shoe brand can fortify its B2B relationship with the shoe shining company as well.

Concluding Thoughts

Bonafi plans to become an international standard for identifying counterfeiters and a marketing tool for brands at the same time.  That’s because it is a blockchain-based technology, which is decentralized, safe, and secure.


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