Bonafi Supply Chain Blockchain Company - Fighting Counterfeit Goods

Bonafi selects NetObjex IOT platform for an engineering trial on integration of the Bonafi’s NFC Crypto-TagTM and record the supply chain information on Hyperledger blockchain. This collaborative effort is the next step toward a fully working authentication systems to integrate its mobile App to allow consumers to quickly gain authentication of goods.

Who is NetObjex

NetObjex provides enterprises and technology companies with the most comprehensive IoT platform in the world. Their focus and goal is to provide customers with excellent service, and partner with clients to develop industry leading solutions.

Who is Bonafi

Bonafi provides a blockchain solution for the $600+ Billion counterfeit problem of the world. Their solution consists of their Bona tokens, Cypto-Tag™, and a mobile application to record and authenticate data across the supply chain on the blockchain. Retailers, Third-Party Sellers, and Consumers will use the mobile App to verify the authenticity of all goods.

Download the Press Release HERE.


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