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Bonafi plans to enhance B2C engagement. Bonafi is a blockchain-based solution company that aims to standardize an anti-counterfeit system around the globe. The efforts of the Bonafi developers arise in the wake of counterfeit industry nourishing at alarming rates in the recent years.

Understanding Bonafi

Many people might think it is just a blockchain application, but it is much more than that. Bonafi plans to be a complete system that consists of an application, NFC-enabled crypto-tags, a browser extension, Hyperledger blockchain and a crypto-token (named Bona). All of these components form a system that fights against the counterfeit industry by doing the following:

  • Registering products on the blockchain for their unique identification
  • Storing product’s detailed information e.g. manufacturer, date of manufacturing, authorized reseller, etc. in the blockchain
  • Helping customers identify the authenticity of products while shopping online
  • Helping customers identify products physically using Bonafi App
  • Promoting a healthy B2C relationship through the awarding of Bona tokens

Once implemented as a global standard, Bonafi could mark the end of the trillion dollar counterfeiting industry.

Bonafi for Promoting B2C Engagement

The developers of the technology plans to realize the potential of their creation. They understand that Bonafi can be much more than just a way of identifying original products. Here is how the Bonafi App will help consumers and brands have a relationship that benefits both of them.

The Rewarding of Bona Tokens

For customers to use Bonafi application to verify the authenticity of a product, they need to have Bona tokens. The developers have found a perfect way to encourage both, brands and customers, to build a relationship through rewarding in Bona Tokens. When customers register a product on the app, we plan that the customer would receive a Bona token as a reward. This will help them verify other purchases in future. On the other hand, brands will rest assured their customers have the authentic products in their hands.

Authentic Reviews from Customers

Brands plans to use the Bonafi app to reward their customers in several ways. They can reward the customers when they leave reviews for the purchased products. The best thing about these reviews is that they will be exclusively for the product that the customers have purchased, not for that model of the product. These will be the most trustable reviews from customers after the fiasco of fake reviews on large retailer websites like Amazon.

Product Improvement Opportunities

Bonafi plans to make its application to open a completely new dimension for brands to improve their products based on the reviews of their customers. The App allows easy communication between the customer and the manufacturer. This would result in trust in the brand and would become a valuable tool in improving the product satisfaction by the users.

First up, the brands will be able to send notifications to their customers through the app. Customers will not ignore these notifications because they will know they are coming from an authentic brand. Bonafi plans that any new promotions, product feedbacks, review requests, etc. from the brands will reach customers directly through the Bonafi app.

What Will Motivate Customers to Use the App?

Of course, there is a lot of benefit for the brands in using the Bonafi application. It is expected that the Bonafi system would save costs that they otherwise lose to the counterfeiters. However, what is there for customers in using Bonafi?

When the Bonafi Platform is completed, customers will be the true beneficiaries of the benefits of using Bonafi. For several decades, consumers have spent their hard-earned money on fake products. The worst part is that they end up buying these products under the impression that they are authentic. They spend money for an original branded product. However, they end up with an inferior product with low-quality materials in the same price.

So far, customers have been relying on their limited knowledge of their favorite brands to discern authentic from fake. However, Bonafi will be a powerful tool in the hands of these customers. They can now use the application instantly to identify a fake product. They will help them save money and help brands retain their profits.

More importantly, customers will be saving their lives and helping others save theirs. Imagine the detrimental effects of using a fake medicine. How would you ever know the medicine you are about to eat is fake and does not contain the active ingredient that is supposed to cure your illness?

In short, Bonafi will be saving customers’ hard-earned money, brands’ profits, and precious lives around the world.

Concluding Thoughts

Many blockchain projects came and disappeared in 2017. The ones that have survived the test of time are the ones that address a “real” problem that bothers the “real world”. Bonafi plans to be proven over the course of time that the world needs this solution. Customers, retailers, manufacturers, resellers, suppliers, etc. will benefit from using Bonafi. The only ones that will not benefit from it are the counterfeiters. With the inclusion of business-to-customer engagement, Bonafi plans to pave the way for its success in the coming years.


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