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Bonafi (formerly known as Group Project), the blockchain company on a mission to authenticate the supply and production chain of goods and services, has added David Drake, Chairman at LDJ Capital, as an advisor on their board. He will be providing counsel on critical issues including PR, investor relations and international business development.

Who is David Drake?

With investments in tech, media, energy, realty, impact investing among others and over fifty global directors that maintain relations with institutions and family offices with $1.5 trillion in assets, David is the perfect addition for Bonafi’s international mission to mitigate counterfeited goods and services.

In addition to David’s resume as a successful entrepreneur, investor, and speaker, he has also represented the US Commerce Department at the Transatlantic Forum with the EU Commission in Brussels and Rome, as well as in the UK Parliament as a speaker. And, with his relationships with regulatory bodies, David brings a wealth of experience when it comes to the constant evolution of regulations involving crowdfunding and token sales. His expertise will be an invaluable asset to Bonafi.

“Not only is he a heavyweight when it comes to understanding the value of digital assets, he is a plethora of resources and an expert in crowdfunding. As we begin preparation to launch our pre-Sale & ICO, I believe David is a jewel on our team looking to provide solutions based on blockchain technology.” – Steve Kuh, Bonafi (formerly known as Group Project), Founder and CEO.

About Bonafi

Bonafi is on a mission to fight for and protect consumers and brands against counterfeits. With over $500 billion worth of counterfeit goods circulating around the world annually, Bonafi is using blockchain technology to authenticate consumer goods, reduce credit cards and individual identities into a single blockchain identity, and eliminate counterfeited goods.

By Integrating crypto-embedded NFC tags, blockchain, and mobile Apps, Bonafi’s authentication solution will drastically deter counterfeits while protecting brands and manufacturers alike.

In the coming weeks, Bonafi (formerly known as Group Project) will be offering their tokens to Accredited Investors to participate in the fight against counterfeits around the globe.


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